FW 8200 (2 cr.): Preparing Future Conservation and Natural Resource Professionals

Fall 2016; Spring 2018

The public, non-profit, and private sectors offer diverse, meaningful work opportunities for conservation and natural resource professionals. To attain a professional position and have a successful nonacademic career, graduates must understand the key attributes of these sectors and demonstrate relevant professional skills. Upon completion of this seminar, students will be able to:

  • Describe key features of government agencies: legislative process, trust responsibilities, and public funding
  • Describe key features of non-governmental organizations: governance, fundraising, and grants management
  • Identify private sector career opportunities
  • Apply professional skills: communication, planning, project management, facilitation, conflict management, collaboration, and teamwork.


FW 5392 (1 cr.): Wildlife Management in an Era of Climate Change

Spring 2016

This seminar will review changes in climate (10%), direct and indirect effects on terrestrial wildlife (20%), methods to assess vulnerability (20%), and adaptation in natural resource management (30%). We will also dedicate multiple sessions to pertinent issues identified by students (20%). Participants will be responsible for weekly readings, co-leading one session, and producing one article summary for a conservation practitioner.